Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The last Catholic CDRom you'll ever need...

With over 1 billion Catholics in the world, it is no suprise to find an abundance of Catholic resources. Just keeping up with the writings of the Pope can seem like a full-time job. Sifting through all the books and websites to find what you are looking for can be cumbersome as well.

But no more!

Harmony Media has an excellent CDRom entitled Welcome to the Catholic Church 4.0 (WCC).

WCC has loads of the primary resources Catholics need to be well-formed and educated in the faith. In one convenient place, you get both the NAB and RSV translations of the Bible, the Catechism of the catholic Church, the documents of Vatican II, all the most important documents from the popes of the 20th century aqnd much, much more (for a complete list of everything available on WCC 4.0, click here).

Plus, it is fully searchable! Some highfalutin Catholic uses the term "prevenient grace" and you have no idea what they're talking about? Search for it on WCC and find out where it appears in the official documents of the Church! (Then you'll see that it appears in the Catechism # 2670, and it was used by Pope Innocent X in his condemnation of the Jansenists in 1658, among other references).

This is really a great one-stop Catholic resource. Plus, with version 4.0, you can even download updates from their website to add the most recent papal writings to your storehouse of Catholic doctrine!

Honestly, I don't work for Harmony Media. I just love their product!

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