Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Catholics Come Home!

Catholics Come Home is a great resource for reaching out to those Catholics who have stopped practicing their faith, or those non-Catholics who may be interested in the Catholic Church.

One of their primary purposes is to organize media campaigns via television that encourage people to come to (or come back to) the Catholic Church.

These short "commercials" for the Church are available on their website, and are very well done:
To accompany the videos, they have Fact Sheets that provide documentation and scriptural support for every statement made in each video:

They also link to a great number of written resources on their website. Although many of their links point to other sites, they have organized those links in an extremely helpful way, and all the sources that I have seen are reliable places to go for answers on the Catholic faith.

In addition, any non-practicing Catholic (or non-Catholic) can get a FREE copy of Matthew Kelly's great book Rediscovering Catholicism, just by asking!

And, Catholic Culture gives this apostolate a great review.

So, all in all, this is a great Catholic organization that is at the forefront of the New Evangelization. It deserves our support and our prayers.

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